1. 25 Jan, 2010 2 commits
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  3. 15 Jan, 2010 1 commit
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      Lovely, lovely hacks for BSD based Xen vnodes. · e20c2034
      Mike Hibler authored
      In dhclient-exit-hooks we stash the vnode name in $BOOTDIR/vmname where
      libsetup would expect it.
      In libsetup.pm we set the event server to the physical host (based on
      node names!)
      In libvnode_xen.pm we reflect that these hacks are now done elsewhere!
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    • Ryan Jackson's avatar
      Add mount_bsd_slice to linux install · 3242db55
      Ryan Jackson authored
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      Fix minor spelling error in comment · cb4005a3
      Ryan Jackson authored
      Just a minor spelling fix in a comment.  Nothing significant.
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      Add script to help mount BSD slices in Linux · bc77a589
      Ryan Jackson authored
      Add a small perl script to help mount BSD slices in Linux when
      customizing a generic image by doing the following:
      - Parse a BSD disklabel on a block device
      - Map BSD partitions to their Linux device names
      - Mount BSD root partition, parse its /etc/fstab to find
        which partitions in the slice should be mounted and where
      - Mount remaining BSD partitions in the correct order
      Users still need to manually unmount the BSD partitions, but this should
      at least help reduce the confusion due to the disparity in partition
      naming schemes.  Even if you aren't confused by the way Linux maps BSD
      partitions, it's annoying to figure out the mapping by hand each time.
  17. 27 Oct, 2009 1 commit
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  19. 23 Oct, 2009 2 commits
    • David Johnson's avatar
      Whoops, change undef to 0644 in dbmopen. · a38134ac
      David Johnson authored
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      Don't just splat the master passwd/group files into place from $ETCDIR. · 7adf2f53
      David Johnson authored
      Instead, grab the current Emulab uids/gids, grab the current group/passwd
      files and their shadow counterparts, remove any emulab u/gids from the
      loaded instance of the current files, then push any new/changed uid/gids
      into the master files in $ETCDIR.  Also, we remove accounts from the
      master files if they no longer appear in the current files.  Finally, we
      strip deleted uids from any groups they might appear in (!).
      Note that this also rearranges the order in which os_account_cleanup is
      called by rc.accounts; now it comes before the passwd and group dbs in
      /var/emulab/db are wiped.