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  1. 24 Sep, 2012 1 commit
    • Eric Eide's avatar
      Replace license symbols with {{{ }}}-enclosed license blocks. · 6df609a9
      Eric Eide authored
      This commit is intended to makes the license status of Emulab and
      ProtoGENI source files more clear.  It replaces license symbols like
      "EMULAB-COPYRIGHT" and "GENIPUBLIC-COPYRIGHT" with {{{ }}}-delimited
      blocks that contain actual license statements.
      This change was driven by the fact that today, most people acquire and
      track Emulab and ProtoGENI sources via git.
      Before the Emulab source code was kept in git, the Flux Research Group
      at the University of Utah would roll distributions by making tar
      files.  As part of that process, the Flux Group would replace the
      license symbols in the source files with actual license statements.
      When the Flux Group moved to git, people outside of the group started
      to see the source files with the "unexpanded" symbols.  This meant
      that people acquired source files without actual license statements in
      them.  All the relevant files had Utah *copyright* statements in them,
      but without the expanded *license* statements, the licensing status of
      the source files was unclear.
      This commit is intended to clear up that confusion.
      Most Utah-copyrighted files in the Emulab source tree are distributed
      under the terms of the Affero GNU General Public License, version 3
      Most Utah-copyrighted files related to ProtoGENI are distributed under
      the terms of the GENI Public License, which is a BSD-like open-source
      Some Utah-copyrighted files in the Emulab source tree are distributed
      under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License, version 2.1
  2. 23 Jul, 2007 1 commit
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      · 3daf343d
      Sachin Goyal authored
      Added a new option for meastype 'both' that checks for both lat and bw
      Added options for specifying meastype and searchtype
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  10. 08 Jan, 2007 1 commit
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      Added options to specify a window of time to look for data. (-0 and -1) · e25c96e4
      Dan Gebhardt authored
      Database queries are handled by the library "", which
      automatically gets the data from the ops DB or the datapository DB as
      Queries to the datapository take a LONG time. The following
      run took over an hour. The dstsite_idx (or srcsite_idx?) should be
      added to the Datapository to make this faster. The ops DB is significantly
      faster with this change.
        perl -e tbres/pelabbgmon -0 1167609600 -1 1167639600 5
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      First checkin. Finds fully connected set of nodes. Fully connected · 354433ea
      Dan Gebhardt authored
      defined (for now) as data exists within 6 hours (code param) in the
      past for latency and bw (forward and backward) between all nodes in
      the set.
      example run:
      perl -e tbres/pelabbgmon 10
      where 10 is the number of nodes to ask for.
      The -e option limits the nodes to look at to those listed in that experiment.