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      Bring iperf-2.0.2 up to speed for gccs up through 8.x. · 8bd8d4c7
      David Johnson authored
      Unfortunately, I didn't notice the first time, but the include causing
      all the problems was an apparently unnecessary math.h.  Simply removing
      it fixed all the odd libstdc++ errors; trying to fix them all up and
      leaving it in was much more complicated.  This works on gccs 4, 6, 7, 8.
      This is a good outcome because the iperf-2.0.10 patch is still subtly
      wrong in some important way; bandwidths are inconsistent or sometimes
      consistently asymmetric (with no good reason).  So some parameter must
      still not be being exchanged between client and server.
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      Add iperf-2.0.10 option for newer clientsides; only alpine linux for now. · c5cd6338
      David Johnson authored
      We've reached the point where it's no longer worth carrying around extra
      patch baggage to help iperf 2.0.2 build on newer libcs and compilers.
      One reason for that is, when iperf modernized to handle gcc6, they did
      it at the same time as a nontrivial reorganization.  So we cannot just
      trivially lift their bits, at all.
      Second problem: iperf uses a binary packet header.  Our patch used
      header bitspace that modern iperfs have since begun using for an
      extended header.  So, the 2.0.10 patch in this commit attempts to
      maintain binary compat with our hacked 2.0.2 iperf -- but throws out
      compat with modern, regular iperfs.
      Anyway, this commit just makes the iperf version choice optional, and
      it's only 2.0.10 on Alpine Linux; all other build envs will still try to
      build 2.0.2 (unless they are ISBRROKEN, of course).
      (I know Mike^H^H^H^Hsomeone plans to revisit whether or not our patch is
      still even necessary (my bet is that it is, after reading the code), but
      I need this commit to get the clientside going on Alpine Linux.)
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      Lots of changes for SSL enabled pubsub: · e44fc90d
      Leigh Stoller authored
      Pubsub libraries are now SSL enabled by default, so that we can talk SSL
      from a perl client. To do this we need another entry point from SWIG
      into the event code, event_register_withssl. At the same time there is a
      new entry point called event_set_sockbufsizes that calls a new pubsub
      entry point pubsub_set_sockbufsizes.
      The problem is that current swig generates code that does not compile,
      and since I don't know nothing about swig, I just hand crafted the two
      new routines that needed in event_wrap.c and the few extra lines that go
      into event.pm.
      Also change all the link lines to include the ssl/crypto libraries when
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      Address linktest problems reported by Mike in issue #160: · e7422d49
      Leigh Stoller authored
      1. Changes to gentopofile to not put in linktest info for links and lan
         with only one member.
      2. Fix to the CM for deletenode of a node that has tagged links.
      3. Fixes to the status web page for deletenode; we were installing the
         linktest event handlers multiple times.
      4. Pass through -N argument to linktest from the CM, when the experiment
         has NFS mounts turned off, so that we use loghole to gather the data
         files (instead of via NFS).
      This closes issues #160.
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      Export linktest via the CM API. · 58640e2c
      Leigh Stoller authored
      * Three actions are exported; start, stop, and status. The last is cause we
        have to poll to determine when linktest has actually finished or stopped.
        I hate all this polling.
      * For start, linktest can be performed synchronously, which is fine on a
        small experiment, but in general you want to use the async option and
        check back later. When using async, we return the spewlog URL to the
        caller so that linktest can be monitored.
      * A couple of minor changes to linktest itself for using a spew log.
      * Some simple test rspecs and a linktest.py driver.
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      New blockstore event agent. · e8de812f
      Mike Hibler authored
      Currently only used to shutdown remote blockstores in advance of a
      swapout (per-experiment event: objtype=="BSTORE", objname=="rem-bstore",
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      Initial support for ARM-64 clientside. · db6f3b96
      Mike Hibler authored
      Clientside builds on HP Moonshot, haven't tried running anything.
      The most significant change here is moving to autoconf 2.69, which
      is the first that supports "aarch64". This required replacing the
      scripts in autoconf/ and significant textual changes to configure.in
      Other than that, it was all lint.
  30. 03 Apr, 2014 1 commit
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      Support for FreeBSD 10.x boss/ops. · e81136ad
      Mike Hibler authored
      The biggest changes were related to 10.0's replacing gcc with clang
      and the switch to a new package system. The former required various
      fixes to Makefiles that hardwired "gcc" and also missing prototypes
      in source files that clang is particularly obnoxious about.
      There was also accomodating the normal evolution of the ports tree.
      New variables were needed in many of the Makefiles for this. Hopefully,
      all the changes I made are backward compatible, but I don't actually
      care that much since I hope to never, ever have to remake those older
      packages! A new emulab version of the m2crypto port was needed to
      reflect that m2crypto is no longer installed as an .egg file.
        * Emulab assign. As of this commit, assign does not build with
          clang. It will build, but immediately core dumps if built with
          a gcc port (gcc46 below). THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED!
        * Emulab nsverify. This requires building a pure ns-2.34, which
          is old and does not compile with clang. You will need to set
          NSVERIFY=0 in your defs file. I did this in defs-elabinelab
          (iff FBSD==10) but no where else right now.
        * Bind in the base distro. Bind is no longer part of FreeBSD
          (it has been replaced with something called "unbound"). So we
          install bind99 from a port and we make the /etc/namedb symlink
          to /usr/local/etc/namedb which is where it now lives.
        * Perl 5.12. It has been totally removed from the ports tree.
          We now install 5.14, the next-most obsolete version of Perl!
        * pkg_{add,delete,info}. As mentioned, the packages tools have
          changed. For the most part "pkg <cmd>" is the same as "pkg_<cmd>"
          but not always. This required considerable violence in the
          install/phases code. But it is actually cleaner now.
        * GCC in the base distro. I added installation of the gcc46 port
          to the boss and ops meta packages, just for old-times sake
          (we might wind up needing it, if still more stuff doesn't work
          with clang).
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      Plumb through an fs-install makefile target and fixes to ops-install. · 3cd66d51
      Mike Hibler authored
      This officially drops the pretense that fs nodes can operate with minimal
      Emulab software. If you have a seperate fs node, it had better be dedicated
      to Emulab!
      However, it still doesn't do everything. In particular, accounts are not
      installed. This has never been needed for serving NFS, but is needed for
      the samba stuff to work correctly.
      Also, you cannot do an fs node software install from boss yet as we do not
      mount fs filesystems on boss. You really cannot do a full ops install from
      boss either since we don't mount ops' /usr/local/etc/emulab directory.