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      Checkpoint various changes. · 0d09773b
      Leigh Stoller authored
      * Various UI tweaks for profile versioning.
      * Roll out profile versioning for all users.
      * Disable/Hide publishing for now.
      * Move profile/version URLs into a modal that is invoked by a new Share
        button, that explains things a little better.
      * Unify profile permissions between APT/Cloudlab. Users now see just two
        choices; project or anyone, where anyone includes guest users in the APT
        interface, for now.
      * Get rid of "List on the front page" checkbox, all public profiles will be
        listed, but red-dot can still set that bit.
      * Return the publicURL dynamically in the status blob, and set/show the
        sliver info button as soon as we get it.
      * Console password support; if the aggregate returns the console password,
        add an item to the context menu to show it.
      * Other stuff.
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      Add slots to apt_instances and apt_instance_history, to store the params · 1ffbbcfd
      Leigh Stoller authored
      and rspec that are used. This is to support Parameterized Profiles, where
      the rspec is generated from a geni-lib script and user defined parameters.
      Add manifest to apt_instance_history; I was not storing the manifest cause
      I figured we could just ask the backend cluster for it. Well, that is kinda
      silly, so lets store it locally. I'll have to go back and grab the
      manifests for the current history entries.
      Add isaptkey to user_pubkeys so that we can mark the key that comes in from
      the instantiate page. This lets us keep the Emulab keys for a user
      independent of the APT key, so that APT users only deal with a single key
      on that path, without messing up their Emulab keys.
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      Checkpoint. · 9e9ac6ee
      Leigh Stoller authored
      * Add a .htaccess file that does the rewrites, instead of in the httpd
        confile file. Added Rob's stuff for rewriting urls to hide the .php
        although not sure this is working correctly yet.
      * Add simple MyExperiments page so that logged in users can find their
        way back to running profiles.
      * Move the DB table holding the running experiment records from the
        geni-sa DB into the main Emulab DB. Lots of little changes for that.
      * Change logout to plain link instead of ajax call. That was a silly
        thing to do.
      * Bug fixes to ssh keys and shell login from the status page.