1. 05 Dec, 2006 1 commit
  2. 10 Dec, 2003 1 commit
  3. 19 Sep, 2002 1 commit
    • Robert Ricci's avatar
      Fix up bitrot in 'full' mode. Major changes: · 72f94a58
      Robert Ricci authored
      1) Set 'BOSSNODE' in the defs file to `hostname` - required for the
         event system
      2) Include virtual nodes, and randomize order, when picking nodes
         to run on
      3) Run exports_setup after allocating nodes, so they can mount
         homedirs, etc.
      4) Enable events in full mode
      5) When creating experiment in experiments table, set gid and testdb
      6) Run our own copy of stated, so that transitions get recorded
  4. 17 Sep, 2002 1 commit
  5. 27 Jun, 2001 1 commit
    • Christopher Alfeld's avatar
      First version of the testing software. · d138f5cc
      Christopher Alfeld authored
      This is a functional check in.  To run the testing software do
      something like:
      	1. mkdir ~/testbed_test
      	2. cd ~/testbed_test
      	3. ~/testbed/testsuite/tbtest tbdb frontend
      	1. mkdir ~/testbed_test
      	2. cd ~/testbed/testsuite
      	3. tbtest -path ~/testbed_test tbdb frontend
      A lot of stuff will be placed in testbed_test, including a configured
      tree, an installed tree, a couple versions of the DB, and a whole
      bunch of log files.
      Interesting log files:
      The main log file of interest is test.log which is a copy of the
      output of tbtest.  The other log files are only useful if things fail.
      Usually the fail message will include which log file to look in.  Log
      files for tests are in tests/<test>/test.log .
      What's missing:
      1. Lot's of tests.  There's only one currently.
      2. DB checking support.
      3. A real README.  The current one is mainly a bunch of notes for the
      real README.
      4. Full support.  The current setup is only for testing the frontend.
      Although there are some hooks for supporting full testing runs a lot
      still needs to be done.