1. 22 May, 2015 3 commits
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      Minor bug fix. · e3885710
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      Directory based image paths. · 3a21f39e
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      Soon, we will have images with both full images and deltas, for the same
      image version. To make this possible, the image path will now be a
      directory instead of a file, and all of the versions (ndz,sig,sha1,delta)
      files will reside in the directory.
      A new config variable IMAGEDIRECTORIES turns this on, there is also a check
      for the ImageDiretories feature. This is applied only when a brand new
      image is created; a clone version of the image inherits the path it started
      with. Yes, you can have a mix of directory based and file based image
      When it is time to convert all images over, there is a script called
      imagetodir that will go through all image descriptors, create the
      directory, move/rename all the files, and update the descriptors.
      Ultimately, we will not support file based image paths.
      I also added versioning to the image metadata descriptors so that going
      forward, old clients can handle a descriptor from a new server.
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      Add an object definition to GeniHRN. I am getting tired of parsing URNs and · 4a27b0ce
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      picking pieces out, so I added this:
        my $foo = GeniHRN->new("urn:publicid:IDN+emulab.net:testbed+slice+myexp3");
      and provides:
      and has a stringify method that returns the urn, so that existing code all
      The problem though is the XML::RPC and Frontier libraries provide no hooks
      to catch this, and rather then using a stringification, they both convert
      all blessed references into structs, and so anyplace that puts a urn into
      something to go out on the wire, has to be changed to force to the string.
      Damn, how disappointing! So all the code is here but basically disabled
      until I find time to go through all the code.
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      Tighten up permissions granted to geni users coming from the GPO Portal. · 105c42e1
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      We now ask the portal for a the user's project membership list, and if the
      user is not a member of any (unexpired) projects, we do not allow them to
      create experiments (or much of anything else) in the Cloud Portal. I did
      this by setting the local holding project trust to "user" and setting the
      webonly bit in the users table. The user can use the picker to see public
      profiles, but the create button tells them no dice, go join a project at
      the GPO portal.
      We make the project check each time the user logs in via the trusted
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      Add special moonshot feature request: · 56a4ee21
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           <emulab:moonshot_chassis chassis="4" />
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      Add "restricted" argument to share vlan method. When restricted we mint · 671aa419
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      a credential to return the user, and we require that credential on
      subsequent attempts to link to that shared vlan. It is assumed that the
      caller knows how to delegate the credential if necessary.
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