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      First cut at FreeBSD 9.0 support. · 1f83c9c6
      Mike Hibler authored
      Upgrade to perl 5.12 means no more "suidperl" (setuid perl scripts).
      So we now have yet another little wrapper (security/runsuid.c) which
      runs suid and whose sole function is to exec the perl script of the
      same name in the /usr/testbed/suidbin directory. So a formerly setuid
      perl script install now goes like:
        create /usr/testbed/sbin/mkproj as a symlink to /usr/testbed/libexec/runsuid
        install real mkproj perl script in /usr/testbed/suidbin/mkproj
      When the setuid-wrapper is invoked under the name "mkproj" it execs
      /usr/testbed/suidbin/mkproj. We could almost use sudo for this purpose
      instead (see security/sudoers.in) but sudo loses one of the groups in
      the group list.
      /usr/include/utmp.h is gone in FreeBSD 9.0. In most places we nevered
      needed it, but in the one case that did (tg source), it just used a
      couple of the constants exposed (UT_*) and not the struct, so I just
      hardwired values for the constants.
      The usual tweakage to the install stuff to reflect yet another set of
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      Define some additional configure vars in the clientside configure. · 055bbb7c
      Mike Hibler authored
      Against my better judgement, use configure to set some vars in clientside
      scripts. I try to avoid this to keep our client images from becoming Utah
      This is specifically for run_linktest.pl.in, which is installed on both
      ops and nodes. I could fix it to not use configure vars on nodes, but that
      would break its primary use on ops.
      OTOH, I fixed elab_linktest.pl.in to not use configure variables, since
      it only runs on nodes.
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      Fix another cause of trafgen not building. · 09b1ba5d
      Mike Hibler authored
      This might have been fixed in later gmakes, but at least for the circa-FBSD6
      version, the shell PWD variable is not correctly set when a shell script is
      run from a make target via:
          $(MAKE) -C foo target
      instead of:
          cd foo && $(MAKE) target
      In the former case, $PWD would not reflect that it was in "foo".
      The upshot is that the tg2.0 tarball was being extracted in the "event"
      directory rather than "event/trafgen" so the make rules could not find it.
      The same basic shell script worked for iperf and rude because they were
      invoked via the latter form.
      Anyway, now we just use dir=`pwd` instead of dir=$PWD.
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