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      Bring wanassign back from the bit rot abyss. Three changes. · fe9eba11
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      * Remove all of the code that dealt with allocating unconnected nodes.
        It used to be assign_wrapper passed all widearea node allocation
        decisions to wanassign, those in links and those that were
        unconnected. assign_wrapper now handles all unconnected nodes since
        assign is much better with features/desires and node type stuff.
      * Do not modify any database state in wanassign; It used to do the
        actual nalloc calls, but now it just returns the mapping to
        assign_wrapper so that we can more easily track "recoverability" and
        because there is existing code in assign_wrapper to allocate vnodes
        on the selected pnodes. No point in duplication.
      * Switch from mapping to vnodes, to mapping to pnodes. We made this
        change for other virtual nodes; instead of "fixing" to a vnode on a
        pnode, fix to the pnode. The resulting mappings are also given as
        pnodes, and assign_wrapper does the allocation on those selected
      Now all we need is uptodate widearea data!
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      Add check to see if latestwideare data should be used (new front end · 16c998a9
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      tb- command passed along in the DB). Add check to make sure no mixed
      use of types and classes since. Change solver invocation. Was trying
      to use IPC goo to pipe in input to solver and read back results,
      abd tee off the input file for debugging. That does not work cause the
      tee never exits, and so the child never exits. Reorg slightly; write
      the input file to a temp file and pipe in later. I need to kill off
      the IPC goo though, since its no longer needed, but its harmless as it
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