1. 09 Oct, 2006 1 commit
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      supafly is a synthetic application for "proving" the point that evaluating · 588c46d0
      David Johnson authored
      apps/protocols that use X cpu on PlanetLab can also add network artifacts.
      sfmiddleman sits in the middle as a compute-intensive proxy.  sfsender
      sends the middleman n "messages" each composed of m "blocks", and can
      pause for t1 and t2 times at microsecond granularity after each block send
      and msg send.  sfmiddleman reads blocks and does operations on them
      (default is decrypt/encrypt, can also do only encrypt), then forwards them
      to all connected receivers.  You guessed it, sfreceiver connects to
      sfmiddleman and reads blocks and prints timestamps.  For each op on a
      block, sfmiddleman notes the number of microseconds taken by the crypto
      ops, and the timestamp when it/they finished, and prints those.
      There is one known bug.  I'll fix it in the morning.  If there are others,
      I'll get them then too.