1. 02 Apr, 2019 1 commit
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      Sweeping (massive, huge, bigly?) changes to Classic path image pages. · b4481cbd
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      The high level goal; redo all the classic image pages within the Portal
      UI such that mere users never see the old crusty stale rotting pages.
      Old fart admins (know any?) can still access the old pages, but I am
      hoping that won't actually happen (hint, hint).
      Another goal; allow editing of Geni created images (local images
      only). It has always bothered me that Portal users have no way to get
      info or do minor editing on Portal created images. Especially since
      images are so central to everything we do. Only local images can be
      edited, but in the Emulab portal, that is all images.
      Mothership only for now. Lets see how much whining we get, might have to
      adjust the interface a bit since Classic users are going to find
      themselves in unfamiliar territory.
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      Couple of new DB tables and libraries for them: · b0c5f6e9
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      1. web_tasks: This table is to track background processes that we
         start either from the web interface or from the protogeni XMLRPC
         interface. The goal is to not have a bunch of task specific stuff
         in tables, but a more general way to start a process tied to an
         object (say, like taking an image) and record state of the process
         in the descriptor (say, the image size as it grows). A client can
         poll for info about the process; the server just looks for the task
         descriptor associated with the object and returns the (currently)
         adhoc data in JSON format to the client.
         Work in progress, still determining if this general approach is
         worth it.
      2. web_sessions: Playing with real PHP sessions, using the DB to store
         the session data (instead of the default, which is data files in
         /var/run). No idea how I am going to use this one, just want to
         play with sessions.