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      Changes: · 8fd4b67e
      Mike Hibler authored
      Support for jumbo packets.  Setting WITH_JUMBO on the make command line
      will change the image block size to 8192 bytes and reduces the number of
      block per chunk to 256 (to maintain the 1MB chunk size for compat with old
      images).  The default is still 1024.
      Added the notion of a "dubious" chunk buffer in the client.  If an incoming
      chunk buffer is marked as CHUNK_DUBIOUS, then its contents can be evicted and
      the buffer reused for a more promising chunk.  This is a crude replacement
      mechanism that is currently only used in one place: if we miss part of a
      chunk and the server switches to sending a new chunk for which we have no
      free buffer, we switch to collecting the new chunk.  The reasoning is that
      it will take a while for the server to switch back to completing the former
      chunk, during which time it may send one or more complete chunks that we
      could more fruitfully use (decompress and write out).
      Changed the meaning of the "done" field for a chunk.  It used to mean either
      that we have completely processed the chunk or that we are currently collecting
      it.  It took additional work (scanning all chunk buffers) to differentiate
      these cases, so I make it explicit.
      Allow the client and server to dynamically determine the maximum socket
      buffer size.
      Fix a couple more on-the-wire data structure size/alignment issues that
      showed up on a 64-bit OS.
      A few minor speedups to the bitmap handling code.  Think: "rearranging deck
      chairs on the Titanic" here.  We need more serious algorithmic changes
      to scale all this code going forward.
      Add some more TRACE events and refine what is already there.
      Added some hacks to allow frisbee client/server to run on the same machine.
      We had made it remarkably hard to do this.  But then again, why would you
      want to!  Look for SAME_HOST_HACK in the makefile.
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      A variety of stop-gap changes: · f0885af0
      Mike Hibler authored
       * lint: compile cleanly under newer GCC and on 64-bit OS
       * rename SUBBLOCKSIZE to CHUNKSIZE since that is what it is
       * collect some more stats, primarily for frisbee event collection code
       * add stupid hacky bubble-sort workaround but don't define it by default
         cuz it is stupid...and hacky...but it allows mike to make an image of
         his home machine before he dies of old age
       * tweaks to libntfs version support
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      Add '-f' "filemode" option to imagezip for creating image files from regular · 3b61ce12
      Mike Hibler authored
      files (as opposed to from disk partitions).  This is almost identical to
      rawmode, but also knows how to handle inputs that are not a multiple of the
      sector size.  Imagezip will pad out the final sector, but uses a special
      relocation entry (SHORTSECTOR) to tell imageunzip/frisbee how many bytes
      to write in that final sector.
      This is "pretty much" backward compatible.  If an old version of imageunzip
      encounters the unknown new relocation entry, it will ignore it, resulting
      in imageunzip just writing out the additional pad bytes to the output file.
      This may or may not screw over the resulting output file.
      Also fixed some lint found by GCC 4.2 on FBSD7.
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      Thoughts on the future of frisbee. · 210cb8e4
      Mike Hibler authored
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