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      A bunch of changes attempting to deal with testbed networks that are · baab5fc2
      Leigh Stoller authored
      bigger then a /24 network, as in Utah's network. Mostly the changes
      are how we deal with the reverse zone file creation and what gets
      stuck into the named.conf file. Prior to this commit, we assumed a
      single /24 network, cause thats how it looks in an elabinelab
      experiment (which is where its critical to have the named config files
      generated automatically).
      But with the changes to support a single control network, the named
      setup inside elabinelab is bigger then a /24 and the reverse files
      have to be created and populated correctly.
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      Just can't resist pissing on things... · 2f27d203
      Mike Hibler authored
      Try my hand at modifying named config creation.  Allows for "fs" to be
      different than ops/users.  Also tried to eliminate some redundant output.
      We still generate multiple A records for some IPs (e.g., "ops" and "users")
      and don't (I think) generate MX records consistently.
    • Leigh Stoller's avatar
      Named setup gets a serious collagen injection ... As per Mike/Rob · cff2421e
      Leigh Stoller authored
      request, beef up named setup so that sites like DETER are handled
      properly. I have added 4 new defs variables:
          # If your boss/ops nodes are multihomed (and typically, one of the
          # networks is a public routable network, and the other is an internal
          # unroutable network), then define the the external addresses here (and
          # the internal addresses above).
          # As above, if you have internal and external networks, define the
          # external network here, and the internal network above.
      which if not set default to the internal values. When the external and
      internal networks are different, generate two sets of reverse zone
      files and two forward files (one internal and one external).
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