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      * tmcd/common/ifdynconfig: New client side command, intended to be called · 9ca9e1d9
      David Johnson authored
          from link-agent to provide dynamic link modification.  Calls
          liblocsetup::os_ifdynconfig_cmds to get a list of commands to change
          the iface config; if this function does not exist, it tries to do its
          best via ifconfig.
      * tmcd/linux/liblocsetup.pm: Added support for dynamic configuration of
          ath and flex900 ifacetypes.  Also added more static support for both,
          including adhoc/monitor modes, rts threshold, etc, for ath; carrier
          threshold and rx gain for flex900 (sometimes these params really need
          to be set so our gnu radios can actually talk...).
      * event/link-agent/link-agent.c: Do link up/down/modify by calling
          ifdynconfig with the event params.  Backwards compat with old
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      First step is allowing a different "standard" disk layout: · b0e86d9b
      Mike Hibler authored
       * Somewhere in the DB, probably images, we will store the MBR "version"
         required by a partition (non-whole-disk) image.  This info will be
         passed to the client (us).
       * We use this info to install the correct MBR on the disk before starting
         frisbee.  The various MBRs (all two of them) will be stored in the
         frisbee MFS since they are only 512 bytes each.
      This checkin handles the client-side of things and is backward compatible
      (i.e., assumes MBR version 1 if nothing is passed).
      One immediate benefit is that this will allow us to install a partition
      image on a new (or otherwise MBR-free) disk, as it detects the case of no
      MBR and installs one.
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      Add client-side directory for fedora. We have been using the RHL7 directory · 675a2b14
      Mike Hibler authored
      (linux), which is probably ok, but not optimal.
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      Changes proposed by Jason Shupe and Keith Sklower from DETER. Some of the · 733ebb12
      Robert Ricci authored
      relevant email:
      Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2007 21:20:37 -0700
      From: Jason Shupe <jshupe@ISI.EDU>
      To: Testbed Ops <testbed-ops@emulab.net>
      Subject: [patches] tmcd.c (Jason) and elabinelab.in (Keith)
      Included in this email are my description of the problem, and my patches
      to tmcd.c, followed by more descriptions of the problem and Keith's
      patch to elabinelab.in.  I apologize in advance for misquoting,
      changing and other wise abusing Keith's prose.
      An elab in elab experiment was started from the DeterTest project.  A
      simple inner experiment was then started from the emulab-ops project.
      During experiment swap in the program agent would fail to start.  If the
      same simple inner experiment was started under the DeterTest project or
      on the main testbed it would start normally.
      It turned out that Keith's account (among others) wasn't getting created
      on the inner experimental node.
      tmcd was only sending a subset of accounts to the experimental nodes.
      By digging through the database queries from tmcd.c I noticed one of the
      database responses contained a NULL in the g.unix_gid field.  By
      removing the only user from the emulab-ops sub group 'ops-test' it was
      then possible to successfully swap in the inner experiment.
      I've included two different versions of an untested tmcd.c patch.  Both
      versions include changes only to the mysql statement.  Both versions of
      the modified mysql statements were tested on the elab in elab database
      after the only member of emulab-ops was re-added to the 'ops-test'
      group.  Both queries returned all results of the original statements
      except the offending record with the 'NULL' value for g.unix_gid.
      The first patch directly excludes the offending record(s), and the
      second patch simple changes the _left join_'s to just _join_'s (Keith's
      suggestion) which also produces the same result for the data set tested.
      Ted reminded me that "is not NULL" is better than my initial "!='NULL'",
      which also produces the same results.  Other suggestions on this end
      include specifically using "inner join", and to use both "inner join"
      and "is not NULL".
      Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007 14:44:08 -0700
      From: Leigh Stoller <stoller@flux.utah.edu>
      Subject: Re: [patches] tmcd.c (Jason) and elabinelab.in (Keith)
      Well, unix_gid is not supposed to be null, so we should fix that problem
      instead, I would think.
      Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2007 00:35:30 -0700 (PDT)
      From: Keith Sklower <sklower@vangogh.CS.Berkeley.EDU>
      Subject: Re: [Deter-ops] [patches] tmcd.c (Jason) and elabinelab.in (Keith)
      It became null because of using an outer join instead of an inner join.
      I'll repeat the condition:
      1.) the DETER emulab-ops has subgroups
      2.) the inner elab group membership table and references to a group
          which was not inherited from the outer boss [pid=emulab-ops,
          gid=test-grup, uid=jhickey]
      So, my initial proposal was to be a bit tidier in specifying what
      group membership entries should be subsetted.
      (the was a phrase which intended to catch the group membership
      for anybody currently active in emulab-ops, but it was too encompassing).
      Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2007 13:15:51 -0600
      From: Robert P Ricci <ricci@cs.utah.edu>
      Subject: Re: [Deter-ops] [patches] tmcd.c (Jason) and elabinelab.in (Keith)
      I guess, then, I will commit both proposed changes to tmcd - both to
      make the existing join more 'correct', and to guard against other ways
      (ie. bad/inconsistent DB state) the gid might show up as null.
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      send Emulab (local5) related messages to their own file rather than to · a4667139
      Mike Hibler authored
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      Goofy cron related hacks for FC6 · 1abdfee7
      Mike Hibler authored
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      Major overhaul. The goal was to have One Kernel To Rule Them All, · 26fd19af
      Mike Hibler authored
      at least under FreeBSD 6.2.  That is, a single kernel for regular, delay
      and linkdelay usage.  I got close, still have a second kernel for delay
      since it uses DEVICE_POLLING and I haven't had a chance to determine the
      impact of the DEVICE_POLLING option when polling is disabled.
      [Aside: polling + 10000HZ may be a bad idea.  In 6.2, there seems to be
       a lot more overhead associated with polling, they don't recommend you
       go over 1000HZ with polling turned on.]
      Note that the script now checks the running kernel's HZ value, tweaks
      /boot/loader.conf, and reboots if it is not correct.  However, this should
      not be needed when combined with the latest, spiffy emuboot which can take
      a HZ=NNNN command line option and change the kernel setting before loading
      the kernel.
      These changes should not affect the old 4.x kernels.
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      Merge noelvin branch to the head. · 56f24f9b
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
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      Make sure exptidx gets properly recorded in the port_registration table. · b86a004b
      Mike Hibler authored
      Previously it was not being filled in and would wind up '0'.  Since it was
      part of the primary key along with the service, this basically meant that
      only one experiment at a time could successfully use the sync-server; i.e.,
      only one could have (0, 'emulab-syncd') as their primary key.
  17. 12 Apr, 2007 1 commit
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      Fix an incorrect error return in a seldom used DB routine. · ae097403
      Mike Hibler authored
      Also, attempt reconnect once if DB access fails:
      >               /*
      >                * Try once to reconnect.  In theory, the caller (client)
      >                * will retry the tmcc call and we will reconnect and
      >                * everything will be fine.  The problem is that the
      >                * client may get a different tmcd process each time,
      >                * and every one of those will fail once before
      >                * reconnecting.  Hence, the client could wind up failing
      >                * even if it retried.
      >                */
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