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      · 38c27731
      Kirk Webb authored
      Switch to using GNU tar ('gtar').  This must have been the default tar for
      FBSD 4.X since options are missing from the tar in FBSD 6.X
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      Oh, such a silly little project ... Added CVS support to Emulab. When · 9b17b075
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      enabled in the defs file:
      each project gets a stub CVS tree created (using 'cvs init') in
      /proj/$pid/CVS. It is up to users obviously to do something with
      that tree, and of course they have to either set their CVSROOT
      env variable, or use the -d option to cvs.
      The showproject page gets a link to the per-project CVS tree, using
      the cvsweb interface, which I hacked up a bit to allow restricted
      access to specific project trees, via a ?pid=$pid argument to the URL.
      Without the ?pid argument, it falls back to normal behaviour, which is
      check the cvsallowed bit in the users table, and provide access to the
      Emulab source repo.
      If you are curious, go here:
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