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      Deal with user privs (issue #309): · d1516912
      Leigh Stoller authored
      * Make user privs work across remote clusters (including stitching). I
        took a severe shortcut on this; I do not expect the Cloudlab portal
        will ever talk to anything but an Emulab based aggregate, so I just
        added the priv indicator to the user keys array we send over. If I am
        ever proved wrong on this, I will come out of retirement and fix
        it (for a nominal fee of course).
      * Do not show the root password for the console to users with user
      * Make sure users with user privs cannot start experiments.
      * Do show the user trust values on the user dashboard membership tab.
      * Update tmcd to use the new privs slot in the nonlocal_user_accounts
      This closes issue #309.
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      Change "genesis" to "portal" what the hell was I thinking when I · 040ea3be
      Leigh Stoller authored
      picked genesis. But this change actually has content; we need to
      distinguish between classic projects and emulab portal projects
      (new projects created via the portal, and used via the portal).  For now
      these are distinct until we decide to bring everyone up to the new
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      Do not show announcments or any of the menu options to unapproved users, · aa02f499
      Leigh Stoller authored
      except for the ability to modify their profile or start/join projects.
      Show warning to users who are waiting for membership approval, and show a
      Nag link to remind the PI. For PIs waiting for a project to be approved
      show a message, with a mailto link to remind the Project Approval
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      Add admin list/search page for users and projects. The first two tabs are · 6228a1b9
      Leigh Stoller authored
      recently and currently active users and projects (these lists are portal
      specific!). The second two tabs do dynamic search of the database via ajax
      calls, to populate the lists. This is cause listing all users statically on
      the page would be insane (tablesorter does not perform well on such giant
      Plus other little related tweaks.
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