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  1. 04 Jun, 2014 2 commits
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      Support for gathering and storing Infiniband interface GUIDs in the DB. · 12a41b7e
      Mike Hibler authored
      Since GUIDs are 16 bytes and our current interface MACs are only 12 bytes,
      I agonized over whether to grow the mac column to 16 bytes and just treat
      it as a unique identifier (which is all we use that column for anyway).
      However, in the end I just added a new guid column as there were mac columns
      in a variety of other tables and it wasn't clear what the relationship was
      and what I might break.
      So, the newnode MFS will now report back a GUID for interfaces it recognizes
      as IB (FreeBSD-specific right now). The boss-side checkin code with stash
      that value in new_interfaces (and later interfaces when added). For possible
      backward compat, it will also generate a MAC address from that (possibly
      Mellanox-specific) so that all entries in the interfaces table will have
      a MAC (yes, it should really be the other way around--all interfaces should
      always have a guid).
      End of story. We don't do anything else with IB right now other than stash
      an interface GUID.
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      Add picture of UEN and beyond. · 647ae86a
      Leigh B Stoller authored
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