1. 07 Oct, 2002 1 commit
  2. 12 Jul, 2002 1 commit
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      Fix flags passed to slothd. Before, -f meant send an immediate update (which... · 3a643160
      Mac Newbold authored
      Fix flags passed to slothd. Before, -f meant send an immediate update (which wasn't the default behavior). The latest slothd updates (several weeks ago at least) changed the polarity of the flag. It still does the non-default thing, but now that makes it wait an hour before sending an update. So we remove -f so it does the right thing.
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  9. 05 Jun, 2002 1 commit
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      Changes to sshtb. Remove sshremote, and convert sshtb into a perl · 231fc2b1
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      script that checks the database to see if local or remote. The problem
      with this is that the ssh syntax makes it hard to determine the host
      name by inspection. Would need to parse all the ssh args (bad idea),
      ot work backwards and try to figure out the difference between the
      command (which is not a string but a sequence of args) and the host
      and the preceeding ssh args. Hell with that! Changed sshtb to require
      a specific -host argument. Read the args and look for it. Error out of
      not found, to catch improper usage.
      The moral of this update: "sshtb [ssh args] -host <host> [more args ...]
  10. 31 May, 2002 1 commit
  11. 24 May, 2002 4 commits
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      Big changes. Add idlecheck, sdisrunning and sddeploy to configure and the make... · 5aece56b
      Mac Newbold authored
      Big changes. Add idlecheck, sdisrunning and sddeploy to configure and the make files. Install sd* above into sbin dir. Rename sddeploy.pl and isrunning.pl.
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      Big changes. · 2c03632f
      Mac Newbold authored
      Added default behavior so that when no pid/eid is given, it looks up
      all the nodes that haven't reported in the last 2 hours and runs it
      on those nodes.
      Also added magic around ssh calls. Fork and set an alarm, if it doesn't come
      back, declare the node unreachable and kill the child.
      (This checkin is for checkpointing, I'm now going to add this to configure
      so that it properly gets devel libdb.pm instead of hardcoded to the real one.)
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      Some important changes to slothd · d500b090
      Kirk Webb authored
      1) Removed the ten iterations limit from main daemon loop I had set during
      testing a while back (duh).  This was why slothd was mysteriously disappearing
      after half a day.
      2) Updated the makefile to produce static slothd binaries
      3) Added a locking mechanism to avoid accidentally starting two slothd's
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  12. 22 May, 2002 1 commit
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      This commit includes a script to clean old idle data from the emulab · 3bfcfe9f
      Kirk Webb authored
      database (iddata_clean), and a script to generate fake idle entries for
      testing scripts on the minibed (idloadup.pl).
      iddata_clean, by default, removes all idle entries older than 36 hours.
      This can be changed by providing -m <maxage> (in seconds) to it.
      idloadup.pl adds random idle data at time offsets from now, to 5 days
      prior (1 sec granularity).  It adds anywhere from 1 to 10 entries per
      PC to the node_idlestats page, and from 1 - 10 x # interfaces to
      the iface_counters table.
  13. 14 May, 2002 1 commit
  14. 13 May, 2002 1 commit
    • Kirk Webb's avatar
      Forgot to check this stuff in last week: · 286e2019
      Kirk Webb authored
      Slothd changes to force an initial wait of <interval> (def 1hr).  Selectable
      with -w.  Also changed to scan ALL ttys by default (can use UTMP with -a).
      Finally, deploy script changed a bit to be more robust wrt down nodes.
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  18. 05 Dec, 2001 3 commits