1. 26 Aug, 2014 1 commit
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      Re-arrange batch system front-end to match Web UI behavior · 170b1ddb
      Kirk Webb authored
      * autoswap time and idleswap time defaults are inherited from the
        associated sitevars.
       - "general/autoswap_threshold", and "idle/threshold", respectively
      * autoswap default state follows associated sitevar ("general/autoswap_mode").
      * Any user-requested autoswap duration is checked against the
        "general/autoswap_ max" sitevar.
       - Admins can override.
      * Any user-requested idleswap duration is checked against the "idle/threshold"
       - Admins can override.
      * Disabling swapping (-S option) is prohibited, except by admins.
      * Removed all special-case checks for requests coming via the XMLRPC server.
  2. 19 Aug, 2014 3 commits
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  7. 04 Aug, 2014 2 commits
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      Send "BOOTING" event after rebooting externally managed nodes. · bc207167
      Kirk Webb authored
      Also quiet down the EmulabFeatures library where we are using it
      to detect external management.  Too many "checking for feature ..."
    • Kirk Webb's avatar
      Add support for disabling dhcp for an experiment/user/group · ca561d42
      Kirk Webb authored
      In support of the collaboration effort with CHPC, I've added a check
      and actions for a new feature, ExternalNodeManagment.  When swapping in,
      the swapper, group, and experiment are checked for the feature.  Since
      there doesn't appear to be a way to ask for an experiment feature in the
      parser, I'm punting for now and just letting the experiment inherit this
      feature from the user and/or project/group.
      The effect of this feature is that nodes will be omitted from the
      dhcpd.conf file when allocated to a marked experiment, and put back
      in when freed from that experiment.
      We will also use this feature to force nodes to reboot even when they
      are in PXEWAIT during the OS setup phase.  Ultimately the point is for
      something else to take over the boot process and manage the experiment's
      nodes for the duration of the experiment.
  8. 31 Jul, 2014 2 commits
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  16. 13 Jul, 2014 1 commit
    • Mike Hibler's avatar
      Make sure we use -i for sendmail when we pipe into it. · 355f5aa8
      Mike Hibler authored
      This prevents a line with a single "." from meaning EOF to sendmail.
      How arcane!
      I discovered this when I ran a create_image and I didn't get the complete
      log mailed to me. This is because create_image did a frisbee download of an
      image with a single chunk, which of course printed out:
        Using Multicast
        Joined the team after 0 sec. ID is 1586355915. File is 1 chunks (963200 bytes)
      Fortunately, "arcane" is my middle name, so it didn't take me long to find
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  23. 16 Jun, 2014 1 commit
    • Mike Hibler's avatar
      Call libosload directly rather than invoking os_load script. · 361c7d7f
      Mike Hibler authored
      This is not so much for efficiency but because it gives us more precise
      knowledge about failures. Previously, if one node in the batch sent to
      os_load failed, we didn't know which one so we had to assume all failed
      and go back and reload them again. Granted, this situation was one that
      "should not happen", but it does happen quite a lot, at least now when
      we have flaky (IPMI) power control.
      Also, brought some uniformity to the messages printed out; ie., print
      a freakin timestamp already!
  24. 12 Jun, 2014 1 commit
    • Kirk Webb's avatar
      Update the use of realpath across all perl scripts · 3f167217
      Kirk Webb authored
      Change to use the realpath function in the 'Cwd' module instead of
      calling realpath via the shell.  The shell command varies in its
      reaction to a missing final path component.  On some platforms (Linux,
      FBSD10+) realpath reports an error if the final component doesn't exist
      on the filesystem.  On others (FBSD < 10), it does not report an error.
      The perl function from 'Cwd' emulates the same behavior as FBSD prior to
      version 10, which is the behavior the scripts expect.
      From here on out, instead of using `realpath`, do the following:
      use Cwd qw(realpath);
      my $realpath = realpath($somepath);
  25. 11 Jun, 2014 2 commits
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  28. 04 Jun, 2014 2 commits
    • Leigh B Stoller's avatar
      Widen the switch column. · b25f2b69
      Leigh B Stoller authored
    • Leigh B Stoller's avatar
      Add --setvlanontrunks, --resetvlanontrunks, and --clearvlanontrunks. All of · eaebe4d2
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      these do the obvious. Takes a list of lanids (not vlanids). So yesterday
      when I did the switchover from the 1Gb to the 10Gb link I did this:
        snmpit_test -i procurveA -i procurve1 --clearvlanontrunks 1225665 1270247 ...
      which removed the vlans from the trunk ports on procurve1 and procurveA.
      Then I changed the wires table, and then I did:
        snmpit_test -i procurveA -i procurve1 --setvlanontrunks 1225665 1270247 ...
      which added the vlans to the new trunk ports. Nifty.