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      One-off hack for 40Gb ports on S5048 switch. · 51c3cadc
      Mike Hibler authored
      The ports are 100Gb but must be "broken out" to a single 40Gb port.
      FortyGig ports show up as <module>/<port>/1, which is different than
      what the "nybbleEncoded" feature expects.
      XXX this seriously needs to be revisited to see if there is a generalization
      to be made; right now I just don't want to break other users of this module
      (i.e., Clemson) by doing something rash.
  3. 08 Jun, 2018 1 commit
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      Clear the @setcmds list before each iteration of the loop that invokes callRPC. · 88cd71c0
      Mike Hibler authored
      Note that it might be the case that the callRPC should be outside the loop
      as it is in every other case where a list of commands is built up. But I
      thought this case might be special, so I left it as is.
      Note also that I don't think it matters because this routine is never
      called with more than one vlan that I could see (the loop is for each
  4. 06 Jun, 2018 1 commit
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      Use an RE for matching the password prompt. · 80107326
      Mike Hibler authored
      The prompt might include the fully-qualified host name, so allow for
      an optional domain name. This happens at Wisconsin, perhaps because
      they use RADIUS for authentication? That is the only difference I can
      see from Clemson. In both cases, the switch hostname is NOT FQ.
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      Prevent a new VLAN from getting put into every existing trunk port. · 4a1d42b7
      Mike Hibler authored
      This is the flip-side of something the Mellanox module already handled:
      putting a port in trunk mode and having it inherit all existing VLANs.
      The only sure fire way to do this was to make sure, after creating a new
      VLAN, that every existing trunk port does not include the VLAN. If it
      does, we remove it.
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      Make what I hope is a fix for portchannels. · 5d02e888
      Mike Hibler authored
      In the event we are called with a single port and we could not find
      an ifindex for the portchannel it is in, return the ifindex of the port
      instead (this is old cisco behavior). However, the code that did this
      was trying to lookup the ifindex of $swports[0] in the IFINDEX hash.
      But the swports array already contains the ifindex, so we don't need
      that IFINDEX hash lookup. At any rate, it works now!
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      Initial work on converting the iface1/iface2 column of the wires table · d9d7f036
      Leigh Stoller authored
      to strings that represent how the ports are actually addressed by the
      switch. Eventually card/port will be fully deprecated, but before we can
      do that there has to be a way to automatically update existing sites.
      Kirk will probably be the one to finish this off since I don't know
      enough about the devices to do it correctly.
      Also a minor structural change; move the convertPortFormat() constants
      from the device files to snmpit_lib so we can call convertPortFormat
      from outside the device file.
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      Several changes: · a6cd8ee2
      Leigh Stoller authored
      1. Get rid of direct queries to wires and interfaces, use library.
      2. Allow node:iface on the command line for ports.
      3. Add -i option to print out results in node:iface. Eventually we want
         to flush card.port output, but lets wait on that for a while.
      4. Switch from card,port to iface lookups.
      5. The DB change adds iface to the port_counters table, no longer using
         card,port. Eventually flush them.
  21. 09 Aug, 2017 1 commit
    • Leigh Stoller's avatar
      Various changes to MLE support, related to issue #317: · 57def35b
      Leigh Stoller authored
      1. We now allow lans to be implemented by a path. We did not allow this
         before, cause some of the sanity checking code was a pain to
         implement for lans. Well, no more sanity checking, the user is
         responsible for doing things correctly (after all, they are doing
         experiments with their own switches!).
      2. We now allow topologies with more then one switch to be wired
         together. The wires between switches are marked as "trunk" wires,
         which informs the configuration generation code in libosload_switch
         to create the trunks and do the little tagged/untagged magic that is
         required on procurve switches. The same information is used to mark
         the the logical wires between switches as trunks.
         Aside: this stuff needs some work; we have spanning tree on by
         default, which causes the trunks to not work correctly. When I turn
         that off, things start working. So need some help from others who now
         about spanning tree stuff.
      3. Serious kludging in the Interface and Port libraries related to
         choice of primary keys in the wires table. In order to insert a
         logical wire (or interface) that represents a connection setup by the
         apcon, we have to overload the primary key since the node_id1 side of
         the logical wires is the same as the physical wire to the apcon. We
         have to have overload the node_id2 side too, but that is really just
         a problem when wiring two switches together. Anyway, the kludge just
         maps card1 to a different id, and the Port library unmaps it. It will
         do for now, but really need logical wires to be done better then
  22. 16 Mar, 2017 1 commit
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      Extend port identification hack in H3C module for breakout ports. · b4262d21
      Kirk Webb authored
      Breakout ports are identified with a ':\d+' suffix in their port
      description. This extension of the existing hack for submodules lets
      breakout ports be referenced by their ifindex instead of trying to
      encode the combination of module, submodule, port, and subport into a
      single port number in the database.  This is total crap, and makes me
      hate the mod/port DB encoding we have even more.  It is on my TODO list
      to move snmpit to using device-specific port identification based on
      port description strings instead.
      NOTE: The module number semantics have changed for the submod/subport
      hack.  Instead of using whatever module the port is on (plus one...),
      the module is set to '0'. This is what should be used in the 'wires' DB
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      Version 2.0 Release · dd69911e
      Mac Newbold authored
      New Features:
       - Support for adding, deleting, and listing VLANs in Cisco 6509
       - Support for retrieving statistics from Cisco 6509
       - Support for retrieving and changing port status (up/down) in Cisco 6509
      Includes all incremental bug fixes from version 1.0 to version 1.25.