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      Delete extraneous semicolons. · b50021f2
      Gary Wong authored
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      Add GPO ops-monitoring support. · e9a21edc
      Gary Wong authored
      The pieces are:
       * A monitoring daemon (clientside/protogeni/shared-node-monitor), which
         runs in each Xen shared node dom0, and gathers node and interface
         statistics.  It communicates these over the event system with...
       * A listening daemon (event/monitoring/shared-node-listener), running
         on the local boss node, and inserts everything it hears into the
         MySQL database "monitoring".  This database is also used by...
       * A site-wide monitoring daemon (protogeni/scripts/mondbd), periodically
         polling the normal testbed database (nodes and interfaces tables) and
         copying snapshots of the important pieces into the monitoring database.
       * The monitoring database is also read by a WWW front end invoked as a
         WSGI process by Apache.  This front end is developed by the GPO and
         modified to work with ProtoGENI, and is maintained in an independent
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      Add IPV6 changes, contributed by Brecht and lightly modified by me. · 7de150c4
      Leigh Stoller authored
      To define, in the defs file:
      A /64 network is always assumed, don't do anything else. We generate
      appropriate foward and reverse entries in the zone files, but
      otherwise rely on the on the upstream router to provide the prefix
      when asked for it by nodes when they wish to configure an IPV6
      Important caveats:
      1. The infrastructure is ipv4 only. We do not dupport dual stack or
         ipv6 only on any infrastructure.
      2. We do not support ipv6 only on the control plane; ipv4 or dual stack.
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      Attempt to auto-configure NTP for server machines at install time. · cd4a03a5
      Mike Hibler authored
      The template configurations in the new ntpd subdir also address the
      recent NTP amplification attacks that have been going on recently.
      NTP configuration is controlled by a few defs-* variables:
      NTPSERVER: boss|ops|fs|<external-server-name-or-IP>
        Default: "ops"
        Normally, one of boss, ops, or fs is designated as a local NTP server
        but this can be set to a fully qualified name of some other machine.
        If NTPSERVER is set to an external server, then boss/ops/fs are made
        clients of that server just as any testbed node is.
      EXTERNAL_NTPSERVER[1-4]: <external-server-name-or-IP>
        Default: "[0-3].pool.ntp.org"
        If NTPSERVER is one of boss/ops/fs, then these values are used as the
        upstream servers for the local server. These can be changed to four of
        your favorite NTP servers.
      NTPDRIFTFILE: <path>
        Default: "/var/db/ntp.drift"
        If NTPSERVER is one of boss/ops/fs, then this is the name of the drift
        file for the local server.
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      Client half of the fetch-tarballs-via-the-web change. · 763c6aca
      Mike Hibler authored
      For every tarball and rpm, tmcd will now pass a SERVER= string as well
      telling the client where the file should be downloaded from (if using
      the web rather than NFS). Right now this value is the same for all
      tarballs and rpms, and is hardwired in tmcd as either "www" (if
      SPEWFROMOPS=0) or "users" (if 1). Note: BUMPED THE TMCC VERSION NUMBER
      for this.
      Made a common routine for doing an error-check-and-retry copy of a file
      across "racy" NFS. This is used by install-{tarfile,rpm} and rc.topomap.
    • Leigh Stoller's avatar
      Add SPEWFROMOPS variable to turn on rpm/tar downloading from ops · 00d9070a
      Leigh Stoller authored
      instead of boss. We can use this variable while we iron out the kinks
      here in Utah.