Commit f5e2a9d3 authored by Leigh Stoller's avatar Leigh Stoller

Split the -e option to ptopgen into -p/-e. Assign will always pass in

the pid so that ptopgen can do permission checks on the node types and
classes before it sticks them into the ptop file. -e now takes just eid,
but operates as before.

Change the -v option slightly; assign passes -v option when it sees
that the topology requires virtual nodes. Without -v, virtual nodes
are not placed into the the ptop file, saving about 6000 lines of node

Get rid of the pcvm and pc601 hacks, and replace with a permission
check, as determined by the nodetypeXpid_permissions. I've updated
that table to reflect current types/classes.

Change Rob's last change, which was doing a DB query on each node,
which when used with -v, was issuing a lot of queries. I was puzzled
why ptopgen was taking 4 seconds to run!

Kill more sharks.
Cleanup some terrible indenting.
parent 4359d4d0
......@@ -1009,8 +1009,8 @@ while (1) {
# if updating (-u), include any resources that may already be
# allocated to experiment in the PTOP results.
my $ptopargs = "";
$ptopargs .= "-e $pid/$eid "
my $ptopargs = "-p $pid ";
$ptopargs .= "-e $eid "
if ($updating);
$ptopargs .= "-m $multiplex_factor "
if (defined($multiplex_factor));
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