Commit eb3e2cac authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller

* Add jailflag to arg list for all functions, which we get via

  iptonodeid. Currently, the only real change for jailflag is in
  doaccounts, which returns a normal accounts list for a jailed virtual
  node (pid,gid like local nodes), a set of tbadmin accounts for a
  physical node doing jails (so we can still log into any node even if
  its doing jails), and continues to do the old thing for widearea nodes
  not doing jails (pcremote_ok slot in projects table). Nasty, I know.

* Add dotarball command which returns a tarball to a widearea node via
  ssl. The filename must be in the tarballs list for the node (vnode),
  and the file must be in the gid of the experiment, or be owned by the
  experiment creator. Last bit of paranoia is that the resolved path
  must live in one of /proj, /groups, or /users. In addition, all of the
  FS commands are wrapped so that an NFS hangup to ops will not wedge
  tmcd completely.

* jailconfig command, which returns the current config for a jailed
  node so that mkjail can give the proper options to the jail command
  (requires Mike's hacks to the kernel and jail). Last 3 are hardwired
  as you can see, but will eventually come from the DB.

		"BPFRO=1\n", row[0], row[1]);

* Do not return any mounts for jail nodes until we figure out the SFS

* Change format of vnodelist so that when a node boots it determine if
  the vnodes that need to be started should be jailed or not.

* Add nodeid command so that widearea nodes can find out their emulab
  ID; useful for cvsup.

* Clear some compiler warnings Mac left behind.
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