Commit e4cff23b authored by Leigh Stoller's avatar Leigh Stoller

Minor fix for node specific pre-reserve requests.

parent efdd2de0
......@@ -3721,10 +3721,31 @@ sub CheckPreReserve($$)
my $noderes_result =
DBQueryWarn("select node_id from node_reservations ".
"where node_id='$node_id' and pid='$pid'");
"where pid='$pid'");
goto done
if (!$noderes_result);
# Note that if there any entries in the node_reservations table,
# then only those specific nodes can fulfill the request. Search
# the list for the node_id we are freeing.
if ($noderes_result->numrows) {
my $okay = 0;
while (my ($id) = $noderes_result->fetchrow_array()) {
if ($node_id eq $id) {
$okay = 1;
# XXX We should look for another reservation to fulfill.
goto done
if (!$okay);
if (DBQueryWarn("update nodes set reserved_pid='$pid' ".
"where node_id='$node_id'")) {
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