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Commit d6947c0e authored by Kirk Webb's avatar Kirk Webb

Add some debugging output.

parent a215bc61
......@@ -7682,6 +7682,8 @@ sub CheckIPAddressReservations($) {
# For stashing lans we need to take a closer look at.
my @sharedlans = ();
$self->printdb("Checking IP Address Reservations.\n");
# Round 1, peel off lans that contain members that need special
# address treatment. These lans could probably be marked when
# such a node is added to them, but doing it here keeps this
......@@ -7711,6 +7713,8 @@ sub CheckIPAddressReservations($) {
# its testbed wrapper. Note that this amends the addresses assigned
# in the virt_lans table as well.
if (@sharedlans) {
$self->printdb("Modifying address allocations for " .
(map { $_->vname() } @sharedlans) . "\n" );
# Don't pull this module in until now to avoid unnecessary
# dependencies. If we find ourselves using it in other places,
# then move this up to package scope.
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