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Reference the new control net and virtual node sections

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network for the traffic you're looking at. This occurs when it
tries to contact a node using a "pcXXX" address, like pc76 or, or when it tries to ping a fully-qualified name,
like , which also resolves to a
like, which also resolves to a
control network address. On one of your nodes, take a look at the
file /etc/hosts . It shows the IP addresses and aliases that refer
file /etc/hosts. It shows the IP addresses and aliases that refer
to the different experimental interfaces. These are the names/IPs
you can use to see the delays.
For instance, let's say I have an experiment that had NodeA and
NodeB connected with a shaped link. The file /etc/hosts on NodeA
would have a line for NodeB, with an address like, and
on NodeB there would be an entry for NodeA with the address These addresses correspond to the delayed link
between them. Any address outside the 10.1.*.* range that you
didn't configure manually corresponds to an unshaped link.
See <a href = "tutorial/tutorial.php3#ControlNet">this section</a>
of the tutorial for more details on the control network.
For a discussion of the way to 'name' interfaces on the control
and experimental networks, see the the <a href="#UTT-Naming">naming
section</a> of this document.
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shows no packet-loss (or delay). Why?</b></font>
You are probably pinging through the control net interface. See this
Troubleshooting <a href="#TR-2">FAQ entry</a>.
Troubleshooting <a href="#TR-2">FAQ entry</a> and
the <a href = "tutorial/tutorial.php3#ControlNet">control net section</a>
of the tutorial.
<li><a NAME="TR-3"></a>
<font size='+1'><b>I am running a routing daemon in my topology
but the daemon claims that all my nodes are directly connected!
The routing daemons are probably talking to each other via the control
net and routing traffic through it since it is the shortest path.
You will need to configure your daemon to ignore the control net interface.
See the
<a href = "tutorial/tutorial.php3#ControlNet">control net section</a>
of the tutorial.
<li><a NAME="TR-4"></a>
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