Commit cbb7281f authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler

Only do the jumbo frames thing at the Mothership.

This change assumes that all 10Gbps capable switches have jumbo frames
enabled, and we only know that for sure at Emulab.
parent 16c38218
......@@ -8120,8 +8120,11 @@ iptonodeid(struct in_addr ipaddr, tmcdreq_t *reqp, char* nodekey)
reqp->experiment_keys |= TB_ROOTKEYS_PRIVATE;
if (row[44] && atoi(row[44]) > 0)
reqp->experiment_keys |= TB_ROOTKEYS_PUBLIC;
/* XXX ignore this everywhere except Emulab for now */
if (row[45] && atoi(row[45]) > 0)
reqp->usejumboframes = 1;
/* If a vnode, copy into the nodeid. Eventually split this properly */
strcpy(reqp->pnodeid, reqp->nodeid);
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