Commit c6767831 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler

For elabinelab.switchmac, ignore interfaces with oddball roles ("other","gw");

e.g., for IXP-laden machines.
parent 358bb6ad
......@@ -4374,7 +4374,8 @@ class elabinelab:
# The current control network becomes the outer control network.
# The experimental network with an IP assigned becomes the
# inner control network.
# inner control network. Interfaces other than experimental
# or control (e.g., fake IXP interfaces) are ignored.
role = res[3]
IP = res[7]
......@@ -4385,6 +4386,8 @@ class elabinelab:
elif role == "expt" and IP != "":
role = "ctrl"
elif role != "expt":
tmp["mac"] = res[1]
tmp["iface"] = res[2]
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