Commit bfb8e550 authored by Srikanth Raju's avatar Srikanth Raju Committed by Leigh Stoller

Typo fix

parent c6cfeb54
......@@ -142,7 +142,7 @@ class Ec2MetaHandler(BaseHTTPRequestHandler):
"join experiments on AND experiments.gid=group_membership.gid "
"join reserved on reserved.exptidx=experiments.idx "
"join interfaces on reserved.node_id=interfaces.node_id "
"where interfaces.ip=%s and user_pubkeys.uid=experiments.expu_swap_uid "
"where interfaces.ip=%s and user_pubkeys.uid=experiments.expt_swap_uid "
"select user_pubkeys.uid,user_pubkeys.idx from user_pubkeys "
"join group_membership on group_membership.uid = user_pubkeys.uid "
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