Commit b89493e3 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller

Bug fix to dataset credential generation; we do not need a credential

when using a local dataset at the local cluster.
parent 40996f05
......@@ -1471,7 +1471,7 @@ sub CreateDatasetCreds($$$)
foreach my $ref (GeniXML::FindNodes("n:node", $rspec)->get_nodelist()) {
my $manager_urn = GetManagerId($ref);
my $manager_urn = GeniHRN->new(GetManagerId($ref));
foreach my $blockref (GeniXML::FindNodesNS("n:blockstore", $ref,
$GeniXML::EMULAB_NS)->get_nodelist()) {
......@@ -1548,10 +1548,20 @@ sub CreateDatasetCreds($$$)
if (!$dataset_urn->IsIMDataset());
# No need for a credential if the dataset is local and the
# node is local; normal permissions apply.
if ($manager_urn->IsOurDomain() &&
# Generate per manager credential lists.
if (exists($credentials{$manager_urn}) &&
# Generate each credential once.
if (!exists($credentials{$manager_urn})) {
$credentials{$manager_urn} = {};
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