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Put some notes at the top of some files explaining what's in them,

and a couple disclaimers about being out of date.
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Some notes on how to diagnose problems on the Cisco.
Some notes on how to diagnose problems on Cisco switches running CatOS
1. Looking at switch stats/status for a node interface.
This file gives a basic overview of experiment creation and teardown, though
it is very out-of-date.
Prerun Outline:
Step 1 - parse.tcl
! This is a snippit of a Cisco CatOS config file to turn off aging of
! the CAM tables - see setup-cisco.txt for an explanation.
set cam agingtime 2 0
No big deal creating the tip server.
These are the steps we followed to create a second tip server:
1. Load the new 4.3 image, and then neuter the tmcd/tmcc stuff. Give
it a fixed IP address (turn off DHCP).
; This file contains an overview of the design of tiptunnel, which allows users
; secure access to serial console lines, directly from their desktop machine
; crb, june 5 2002
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