Commit aeb9537c authored by Christopher Alfeld's avatar Christopher Alfeld

Added some documentation and a retry on the bootp check.

parent b54fa6e2
# Takes a number of parameters and installs and boots a disk
# image. Will install the new redhat image and boot it. Use "" for the
# partition to install an entire disk image. It can be run from any
# host.
# Example:
# instimage tbpc17 rh62_080100.ndz s2 linux
set RLT "\r\n"
set NetDisk ""
set ImagePrefix ""
......@@ -173,8 +180,21 @@ while {$state != "EXIT"} {
send "$RLT"
set tries 0
set bootptries 0
set ok 0
expect {
"No bootp server found for any interfaces" {
if {$bootptries < 5} {
send "y$RLT"
incr bootptries
} else {
puts "Couldn't find bootp server."
set exitcode 1
send "n$RLT"
"Bad command line" {
puts "NetDisk didn't like our command line - $ImagePrefix/$image $partition - Recovering"
set exitcode 1
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