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Commit aa08763a authored by Mac Newbold's avatar Mac Newbold

Add a few things to the config defs file that gets generated. Also fix

stated handling when in full mode. And fix tbcmd test for new default
node/link names, and to impose an ordering in the query before it tries to
check against it.
parent 4b028950
......@@ -377,6 +377,8 @@ sub step_init {
print DEFS "TBDBNAME=$testdb\n";
print DEFS "TBOPSEMAIL=$user\\n";
print DEFS "TBLOGSEMAIL=$user\\n";
print DEFS "TBSTATEDEMAIL=$user\\n";
print DEFS "OURDOMAIN=test.$\n";
print DEFS "BOSSNODE=$bossnode\n";
......@@ -622,14 +624,10 @@ sub step_test {
# Start stated
my $statedpid;
if ($type eq "full") {
# Do the fork ourselves, so that we can remember the pid
$statedpid = fork();
if (!$statedpid) {
exec("$path/install/sbin/stated -f") or
die "Error exec()ing $path/sbin/stated: $!\n";
# Returns non-zero for failures
system("$path/install/sbin/stated") and
die "Error running $path/install/sbin/stated: $!\n";
# We're now ready to run the test.
......@@ -673,6 +671,9 @@ sub step_test {
if ($type eq "full") {
my $statedpidfile = "$path/install/locks/";
my $statedpid = `cat $statedpidfile` ||
prints "WARNING: Unable to find stated pid: $!\n";
if (! kill(15, $statedpid) ) {
prints "WARNING: Unable to kill stated process ($statedpid)\n";
@result = (
tb_compare("select vname,delay,bandwidth,lossrate,member from virt_lans" .
" where pid=\"testbed\" and eid=\"test\"",\@result);
" where pid=\"testbed\" and eid=\"test\" order by vname,member",
@result = (
["0: 1: 2:","node0","pc"],
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