Commit 8cd93f77 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller

Fix for multisite openstack experiments; the routable pool has to be

bound to a specific CM or else a pool is allocated at every CM. So David
added a method to geni-lib to set the site pools, and this code adds to
the existing postpass to that converts jacks siteids to manager urns.
parent d8781516
......@@ -1336,6 +1336,43 @@ sub SetSites($$$$$$)
$$pneedstitcher = 1
if (keys(%linksites) > 1);
foreach my $ref (GeniXML::FindNodesNS("n:routable_pool", $rspec,
$GeniXML::EMULAB_NS)->get_nodelist()) {
my $client_id = GetVirtualId($ref);
my $manager_urn = GetManagerId($ref);
my $site_id = GeniXML::GetJacksSiteId($ref);
# Already bound in the rspec.
if (defined($manager_urn)) {
if (!GeniHRN::IsValid($manager_urn)) {
$$perrmsg = "$client_id has an invalid manager URN";
return 1;
# Or there is a site tag, and a site mapping for it.
elsif (defined($site_id)) {
if (defined($sitemap)) {
my $site_mid = "site:" . $site_id;
if (!exists($sitemap->{$site_mid})) {
$$perrmsg =
"No site mapping for node $client_id ($site_id)";
return -1;
$manager_urn = $sitemap->{$site_mid};
else {
$manager_urn = $default_aggregate_urn;
if (!GeniHRN::IsValid($manager_urn)) {
$$perrmsg = "$site_id has an invalid manager URN";
return 1;
GeniXML::SetManagerId($ref, $manager_urn);
GeniXML::SetJacksSiteManagerId($ref, $manager_urn);
$$prspecstr = GeniXML::Serialize($rspec);
@$paggregate_urns = keys(%aggregates);
return 0;
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