Commit 80d8bcff authored by Kristin Wright's avatar Kristin Wright

RPM spec for the jdk required by abocc for anetd.

parent 8df8b297
# $Id: anetd-jdk-spec,v 1.1 2000-08-08 16:47:11 kwright Exp $
Summary: JDK v1.1.8 - recommended by ABOCC for anetd
Name: jdk-abocc
Version: 1.1.8
Release: 1
Copyright: See sun.
Group: Net-Extra
The ABOCC recommends this specific JDK for use
with anetd.
/bin/rm -rf /usr/local/jdk118_v1
# no build steps required.
cp $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/ /usr/local
cd /usr/local
tar xvf jdk118_v1-glibc-2.1.2.tar
chown -R root jdk118_v1
chgrp -R root jdk118_v1
/bin/rm /usr/local/jdk118_v1-glibc-2.1.2.tar
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