Commit 7ecccb45 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler

Do not allow transitions involving unapproved leases.

parent 3ad57241
......@@ -182,27 +182,44 @@ if (defined($lastused) && $lastused > $now) {
my $lease = Lease->Lookup($pid, $lname);
if (!$lease) {
fatal("Lease $pid/$lname does not exist.");
fatal("$pid/$lname: lease does not exist.");
if (!$lease->AccessCheck($this_user, LEASE_ACCESS_MODIFY())) {
fatal("Cannot modify lease $pid/$lname.");
fatal("$pid/$lname: you are not allowed to modify lease.");
# Handle state
if ($state && $lease->UpdateState($state)) {
fatal("Could not set state of $pid/$lname to '$state'.");
# Handle state. The transition from unapproved->* is special and must
# be done via approvelease. It implies allocation of storage for dataset
# leases. We also do not mess with the lease if it is initializing.
if ($state) {
my $curstate = $lease->state();
if ($curstate eq "unapproved") {
fatal("$pid/$lname: must be approved before other state changes can be made.");
if ($curstate eq "initializing") {
fatal("$pid/$lname: in transition, try later.");
if ($state eq "unapproved") {
fatal("$pid/$lname: cannot return lease to unapproved state.");
if ($state eq "initializing" || $lease->UpdateState($state)) {
fatal("$pid/$lname: could not set state to '$state'.");
# Handle expiration date
if ($expire && $lease->SetEndTime($expire)) {
fatal("Could not update expiration time of $pid/$lname.");
fatal("$pid/$lname: could not update expiration time.");
# Handle last used date
if (defined($lastused)) {
if (($lastused >= $now && $lease->BumpLastUsed()) ||
($lastused < $now && $lease->SetLastUsedTime($lastused))) {
fatal("Could not update last-used time of $pid/$lname.");
fatal("$pid/$lname: could not update last-used time.");
......@@ -210,12 +227,12 @@ if (defined($lastused)) {
# Handle attributes. Delete, then add (replace).
if ($delattr && $lease->DeleteAttribute($delattr)) {
fatal("Could not remove attribute $delattr on lease $pid/$lname.");
fatal("$pid/$lname: could not remove attribute '$delattr'.");
if ($addattr) {
if ($addattr !~ /^([-\w]+)=([-\w\.\+\/:]+)$/ ||
$lease->SetAttribute($1, $2)) {
fatal("Could not set attribute $addattr on lease $pid/$lname.");
fatal("$pid/$lname: could not set attribute '$addattr'.");
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