Commit 6df710cb authored by Shashi Guruprasad's avatar Shashi Guruprasad

Allowing arbitrary strings in the event arguments field for NSEEVENT. These

are essentially Tcl strings that will be evaluated in nse. The old code
will do its usual stuff if <name>=<val> type args are passed to tevc.
parent 9dfea9fb
......@@ -245,13 +245,18 @@ main(int argc, char **argv)
*bp = toupper(*bp);
if (*bp != '=')
fatal("Malformed argument: %s!", *argv);
if (*(bp-1) == '_')
if (*bp != '=') {
/* Tcl strings are sent in an NSEEVENT. We
* will allow arbitrary strings
sprintf(&buf[strlen(buf)], "%s", *argv);
} else {
if (*(bp-1) == '_')
*(bp-1) = (char) NULL;
*bp++ = (char) NULL;
*bp++ = (char) NULL;
sprintf(&buf[strlen(buf)], "%s=%s ", *argv, bp);
sprintf(&buf[strlen(buf)], "%s=%s ", *argv, bp);
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