Commit 604414cb authored by David G Andersen's avatar David G Andersen

Added building a profiled version

parent 1c925712
CFLAGS += -Wall -O2 -DSPIN_OK #-DDEBUG=1 -g
LIBS=-L. -ldivert
PLIBS=-L. -ldivert_p
all: delay
delay.po: delay.c
${CC} delay.c -pg -c -o $@
delay: ${OBJS}
$(CC) $(OBJS) ${LIBS} -o delay
delay_p: ${POBJS}
$(CC) -pg $(POBJS) ${PLIBS} -o $@
libdivert.a: divert.o divert_hash.o
${AR} cr libdivert.a divert.o divert_hash.o
${RANLIB} libdivert.a
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