Commit 57469ba3 authored by Kirk Webb's avatar Kirk Webb

Minor bugfix.

parent 11350134
......@@ -3997,7 +3997,7 @@ COMMAND_PROTOTYPE(dostorageconfig)
char *bufp, *ebufp = &buf[sizeof(buf)];
char *mynodeid;
char *vname, *bsid, *hostid;
int serverside;
int rv;
int volsize, bsidx, cmdidx = 1;
int nrows, nrows2, nattrs;
......@@ -4049,13 +4049,13 @@ COMMAND_PROTOTYPE(dostorageconfig)
cmdidx++, bsid, vname, volsize);
client_writeback(sock, buf, strlen(buf), tcp);
serverside = 1;
OUTPUT(buf, sizeof(buf),
cmdidx++, vname);
rv = sendstoreconf(sock, tcp, reqp, buf, vname);
return sendstoreconf(sock, tcp, reqp, buf, vname);
return rv;
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