Commit 535c8d7a authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson

Fix breakage to raw xmlrpc mode in 13ee8406.

(The hack to get "raw" xml mode from xmlrpclib is quite different than
for m2crypto.  Basically, the response is parsed in the Transport, so
not only do we need a special raw input method on the ServerProxy, but
also a custom "raw" transport that skips the parser.)
parent 5b9079b9
......@@ -243,6 +243,35 @@ except getopt.error, e:
class RawTransport(xmlrpclib.SafeTransport):
def parse_response(self, response):
# This code taken from xmlrpclib Transport.parse_response, and
# modified to remove the response processing.
# Check for new http response object, else it is a file object
if hasattr(response,'getheader'):
if response.getheader("Content-Encoding", "") == "gzip":
stream = xmlrpclib.GzipDecodedResponse(response)
stream = response
stream = response
ret = ''
while 1:
data =
ret += data
if not data:
if self.verbose:
print "body:", repr(data)
if stream is not response:
return ret
class MyServerProxy(xmlrpclib.ServerProxy):
def raw_request(self, xmlgoo):
......@@ -255,8 +284,9 @@ class MyServerProxy(xmlrpclib.ServerProxy):
transport = self.__dict__["_ServerProxy__transport"]
host = self.__dict__["_ServerProxy__host"]
handler = self.__dict__["_ServerProxy__handler"]
verbose = self.__dict__["_ServerProxy__verbose"]
response = transport.request(host, handler, xmlgoo)
response = transport.request(host, handler, xmlgoo, verbose)
if len(response) == 1:
response = response[0]
......@@ -303,7 +333,7 @@ if debug:
if rawmode:
# Get a handle on the server,
server = MyServerProxy(URI, context=ctx)
server = MyServerProxy(URI, transport=RawTransport(context=ctx), context=ctx)
stuff = ""
while (True):
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