Commit 50d257d4 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler

Move storage deallocation to Add wait option (-w).

parent f8cf0085
......@@ -34,16 +34,18 @@ sub usage()
print STDERR "Usage: deletelease [-fhd] lname\n";
print STDERR " -h This message\n";
print STDERR " -d Print additional debug info\n";
print STDERR " -f Force destruction even if lease is in transition\n";
print STDERR " -f Force destruction even if lease is not in the correct state\n";
print STDERR " -w time Try for up to time seconds to lock lease (0 means forever)\n";
print STDERR " lname Name of lease in <pid>/<id> form\n";
my $optlist = "dhf";
my $optlist = "dhfw:";
my $debug = 0;
my $force = 0;
my $pid;
my $lname;
my $lease;
my $waittime;
# Protos
sub fatal($);
......@@ -60,7 +62,6 @@ my $BSCONTROL = "$TB/sbin/bscontrol";
use lib "@prefix@/lib";
use libdb;
use Lease;
use Blockstore;
use Project;
use User;
......@@ -91,6 +92,12 @@ if (defined($options{d})) {
if (defined($options{f})) {
$force = 1;
if (defined($options{w})) {
$waittime = $options{w};
if ($waittime !~ /^\d+$/) {
fatal("Wait time must be >= 0.");
if (@ARGV != 1) {
print STDERR "Must specify exactly one lname\n";
......@@ -121,63 +128,78 @@ if (!Project->Lookup($pid) || !($lease = Lease->Lookup($pid, $lname)) ||
# Lock the lease and handle cleanup.
if ($lease->Lock()) {
fatal("$pid/$lname: currently locked, try again later.");
my $ostate = $lease->state();
if (!$force && $ostate eq "initializing") {
fatal("$pid/$lname: currently in transition, try again later.");
if (!defined($waittime)) {
fatal("$pid/$lname: could not acquire lock, try again with -w")
if ($lease->Lock());
} else {
my $rv = $lease->WaitLock($waittime, 1);
# For an approved dataset lease, we must free up the server storage
if ($lease->type() =~ /dataset$/ && $ostate ne "unapproved") {
# Put in initializing state and unlock since this could be
# time consuming.
if ($lease->UpdateState("initializing")) {
fatal("$pid/$lname: could not mark lease as in-transition.");
# someone else deleted it, that is okay with us
if ($rv == LEASE_ERROR_GONE()) {
print "Someone else deleted '$pid/$lname'.\n";
my $idx = $lease->lease_idx();
# any other error is fatal (maybe not if $force is set?)
if ($rv) {
fatal("$pid/$lname: could not acquire lock after $waittime seconds");
# For efficiency, lookup the server in the blockstores table.
# Saves gathering info from every storage server.
# Warn about state changes while waiting for the lock.
# Note that ValidTransition will ensure we don't do anything
# really stupid in this case (e.g., lease was un-expired at the
# last second).
my $bstore = Blockstore->LookupByLease($idx);
if (!$bstore) {
fatal("$pid/$lname: could not find blockstore object.");
my $nstate = $lease->state();
if ($ostate ne $nstate) {
print STDERR
"WARNING: lease changed state while waiting for the lock".
" ($ostate => $nstate).\n";
$ostate = $nstate;
my $srv = $bstore->node_id();
# Call the blockstore control program to handle all things blockstore
# related (e.g., the actual deallocation of storage on the servers).
if (system("$BSCONTROL -S $srv destroy lease-$idx")) {
fatal("$pid/$lname: could not deallocate storage");
# if the lease is in use, disallow unless forced
if ($lease->InUse()) {
my $expts = int(@{$lease->UsingResources()});
if (!$force) {
fatal("$pid/$lname is in use by $expts experiment(s) right now");
print STDERR "$pid/$lname is in use by $expts experiment(s) right now,".
" continuing anyway\n";
# make sure we can destroy a lease from the current state.
if (!$lease->ValidTransition("DEAD")) {
if (!$force) {
fatal("$pid/$lname: cannot destroy lease from state '$ostate'.");
print STDERR
"$pid/$lname: should not destroy lease from state '$ostate', ".
"continuing anyway.\n";
# Dealloc will put the lease back into the unapproved state
if ($lease->DeallocResources()) {
fatal("$pid/$lname: could not deallocate resources, left in 'locked' state.");
if ($lease->Delete()) {
fatal("Could not destroy lease $pid/$lname.");
fatal("$pid/$lname: could not destroy lease.");
print "Deleted lease '$pid/$lname'.\n";
sub fatal($)
my ($mesg) = $_[0];
if (defined($lease) && $lease->GotLock()) {
if (defined($lease) && $lease->GotLock());
die("*** $0:\n".
" $mesg\n");
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