Commit 50c2e964 authored by Christopher Alfeld's avatar Christopher Alfeld

Give it a list of machine names and it removes all vlans that contain a

subset of that list.
parent b1577efc
# This takes a list of machine names and removes all VLANs containing
# only a subset of those machines.
set snmpit [file dirname [info script]]/snmpit
if {[catch "open \"|$snmpit -l\" r" vlanFp]} {
puts stderr "Error running $smpit -l ($vlanFp)"
exit 1
foreach arg $argv {
set machines($arg) {}
set toremove {}
while {[gets $vlanFp line] >= 0} {
set id [lindex $line 0]
if {! [regexp {[0-9]+} $id]} {continue}
if {[lindex $line 1] == "Control"} {continue}
set remove 1
foreach member [lrange $line 2 end] {
set mname [lindex [split $member :] 0]
if {! [info exists machines($mname)]} {
set remove 0
if {$remove == 1} {lappend toremove $id}
puts "Removing VLANs: $toremove"
if {$toremove != {}} {
if {[catch "exec $snmpit -u -r $toremove >@ stdout 2>@ stderr" err]} {
puts stderr "Error running $snmpit -u -r ($err)"
exit 1
puts "VLANs removed."
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