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Reworked tbtest to support a more interactive approach. To do a full test

run do:

	../testbed/testsuite/tbtest run tbdb frontend

but you could also something like do:

	../testbed/testsuite/tbtest init tbdb
	../testbed/testsuite/tbtest test frontend
	# notice that sharkshelf test is broken.
	# make changes
	../testbed/testsuite/tbtest/single frontend sharkshelf
	# note still broken
	# make more changes
	../testbed/testsuite/tbtest/single frontend sharkshelf
	# note fixed.

Also added a -leavedb command which can be used in conjunction with single
to debug individual tests.  It prevents the removal of the test DB upon
parent 78378c27
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ To run the tests, follow these steps:
3. Run tbtest with the appropriate arguments. For frontend tests this
would be:
~/testbed/testsuite/tbtest tbdb frontend
~/testbed/testsuite/tbtest run tbdb frontend
4. Sit back and wait.
......@@ -95,16 +95,46 @@ tbtest runs all the tests. It is designed to do an entire testing run
from start to finish leaving a large collection of log files in its
tbtest [-path <path>] <db> <testdir>
-path <path> - Specify a path to store test files in, otherwise uses
the current directory.
<db> - What DB to base on. Usually you want 'tbdb'.
<testdir> - What set of tests to run. Usually "frontend" or "full".
Refers to a subdirectory of testdir/test. Could also
be used with an absolute path to run custom test sets.
Syntax: tbtest [-leavedb] [-path <path>] [-frontend] [-full] <mode>
-leavedb - Do not drop the test database on exit.
-path <path> - Path to directory to store test files.
-frontend - Run in frontend mode.
-full - Run in full mode (Not yet implemented).
run <db> <testdir> [<pid> <eid> <num>]
init <db> [<pid> <eid> <num>]
test <testdir>
single <testdir> <tests>
tbtest [-leavedb] [-path <path>] <db> <testdir>
Generally tbtest is invoked in 'run' mode that does everything. For
an more interactive approach a you can invoke 'tbtest init ...' and
then any number of 'tbtest test' and 'tbtest single' commands to run
tests. When finished do 'tbtest finish'.
Everything is keyed to your username. There currently is no way to
have multiple test runs in progress under the same username without
-leavedb is really only useful when running in single mode with only
one test. Since the database is reset at the beginning of every test
if you use this mode with multiple tests you'll only get the DB state
of the last one. You recreate the database state of any test by
creating a new database and then loading tests/<test>/db.txt into it.
If -path is not present the current working directory is used.
In full mode you must provide a <pid>, <eid>, and the number of nodes
to reserve. tbtest will attempt to reserve that many nodes from the
testbed under the given experiment and then use those nodes to run the
-single can take a list of tests.
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