Commit 45f3a1b6 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller

Fix how the manifest is updated; we were losing some of the manifest

contents after binding new users to the sliver.
parent 9391d2df
......@@ -3865,6 +3865,7 @@ sub SliverWorkAux($$$$$$$$)
elsif (exists($ifacexml{$iface_id})) {
# Update interface in the node section.
$outref = $ifacexml{$iface_id};
$sliverName = "sliver_id";
$macName = "mac_address";
......@@ -3891,6 +3892,18 @@ sub SliverWorkAux($$$$$$$$)
GeniXML::SetText($macName, $outref, $macAddress)
if (defined($macAddress));
# All this stuff above should move into GeniSliver, since
# now that we changed the node manifest, we have to store
# it back into the DB so that we do not lose it later.
if (!GeniXML::IsVersion0($ifaceref) && defined($nodesliver) &&
$nodesliver->UpdateRspec($outref)) {
$message = "Could not store annotated manifest for ".
"node $nodesliver\n";
goto bad;
if (!$inaggregate &&
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