Commit 417110af authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller

Fix bug I introduced in previous revision.

parent d031dd30
......@@ -575,12 +575,19 @@ sub Refresh($)
my $idx = $self->idx();
my $query_result =
DBQueryWarn("select * from experiments where idx=$idx");
DBQueryWarn("select e.*,i.parent_guid,t.guid from experiments as e ".
"left join experiment_templates as t on ".
" t.exptidx=e.idx ".
"left join experiment_template_instances as i on ".
" i.exptidx=e.idx ".
"where e.idx='$idx'");
return -1
if (!$query_result || !$query_result->numrows);
$self->{'EXPT'} = $query_result->fetchrow_hashref();
$self->{'ISINSTANCE'} = defined($self->{'EXPT'}->{'parent_guid'});
$self->{'ISTEMPLATE'} = defined($self->{'EXPT'}->{'guid'});
$query_result =
DBQueryWarn("select * from experiment_stats where exptidx='$idx'");
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