Commit 3f366559 authored by Leigh Stoller's avatar Leigh Stoller

Change trafgens to return IP addrs for myname and peername instead of

the hostnames. Eventually purge the backwards compat code when the
virt_trafgens tables has been cleared of older entries (no ip addrs).
The perl code on the client side should have no problem with getting
IP addrs instead of hostnames (so he says).
parent d26dbeaa
......@@ -2259,12 +2259,13 @@ COMMAND_PROTOTYPE(dotrafgens)
res = mydb_query("select vi.vname,role,proto,"
"vnode,port,target_vnode,target_port,generator "
"vnode,port,ip,target_vnode,target_port,target_ip, "
"generator "
"from virt_trafgens as vi "
"left join reserved as r on r.vname=vi.vnode "
"where r.node_id='%s' and "
"'%s' and vi.eid='%s'",
8, nodeid, pid, eid);
10, nodeid, pid, eid);
if (!res) {
error("TRAFGENS: %s: DB Error getting virt_trafgens\n",
......@@ -2277,13 +2278,28 @@ COMMAND_PROTOTYPE(dotrafgens)
while (nrows) {
char myname[TBDB_FLEN_VNAME+2];
char peername[TBDB_FLEN_VNAME+2];
row = mysql_fetch_row(res);
sprintf(buf, "TRAFGEN=%s MYNAME=%s-0 MYPORT=%s "
if (row[5] && row[5][0]) {
strcpy(myname, row[5]);
strcpy(peername, row[8]);
else {
/* This can go away once the table is purged */
strcpy(myname, row[3]);
strcat(myname, "-0");
strcpy(peername, row[6]);
strcat(peername, "-0");
sprintf(buf, "TRAFGEN=%s MYNAME=%s MYPORT=%s "
row[0], row[3], row[4], row[5], row[6],
row[2], row[1], row[7]);
row[0], myname, row[4], peername, row[7],
row[2], row[1], row[9]);
client_writeback(sock, buf, strlen(buf), tcp);
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