Commit 2a9de013 authored by Jay Lepreau's avatar Jay Lepreau

bye bye dslice... sob.

parent 9fb221a5
......@@ -9,8 +9,8 @@
PlanetLab node, and attempt to find the least-loaded nodes for
you. The resource estimates on the advanced form are used to
determine if each node has the resources necessary to run
your experiment. We also filter out PlanetLab nodes with
excessively high load averages.</li>
your experiment. We always exclude PlanetLab nodes that have
extremely high load averages.</li>
<li><b>Sites</b> - We will attempt to spread your nodes over as
many distinct sites as possible.</li>
<li><b>Up</b> - We only consider PlanetLab nodes that appear to be
......@@ -18,9 +18,11 @@
<li><b>Disk space</b> - We only consider PlanetLab nodes that have
at least 5% of their disk space free, so that your experiment
will have some room to write local files.</li>
<!-- Replace with text about direct NM access when it exists.
<li><b>dslice</b> - At the moment, we only have authority to create
slivers on nodes running the dslice service, which is a subset
of all PlanetLab nodes.</li>
<p>The 'All available nodes' and 'One node at each site' buttons
(on the 'More options' page) will attempt to get you as many nodes as
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