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This commit represents the culmination of my work on linux traffic shaping.

Both changes to the kernel, and to userland control applications are included
in this checkin.  At present, these files are combined patches; I'll be
separating out the Emulab specific additions/changes in the near future.

The best resource (currently) for understanding the Linux traffic control
mechanisms is at the Linux Diffserv project home page (under Documentation):

The most noteworthy contributions I've made are the PLR module and DELAY
module port and enhancement.  These two modules are classful (though they
don't use classification filters) and can be chained together with other
modules such as the Heirarchical Token Bucket (used for limiting bandwith).

Note that this checkin also includes the patches necessary to obtain
Intermediate Queueing Devices (IMQ) and HTB control under iproute2+tc.  The
IMQ devices allow the attachment of qdiscs on the incoming side of a real
interface (can't do this without them). See:

The Linux Advanced Routing HOWTO is another good source of information:
parent 233de852
This directory contains modules that were added or changed in Linux in
order to accomodate testbed link shaping and emulation.
kmods - kernel or kernel module changes / additions
tc_mods - updates to iproute2+tc, the userland app used to control
link shaping.
iptables_mods - updates to the Linux userland firewall control app
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