Commit 242bbd16 authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson

Bugfix: use the right magic to tell Docker the control net mac address.

This is necessary for clusters that run an arp lockdown on boss.  This
eluded me for a long time.  None of the documented ways to set the mac
address of an endpoint on container create work (they only work on
post-create network attach).  You have to use some special, weird,
undocumented magic.
parent 0380e194
......@@ -3372,7 +3372,13 @@ sub vnodeCreate($$$$)
my ($ctrlip,$ctrlmask) = ($vnconfig->{config}{CTRLIP},
my $ctrlmac = ipToMac($ctrlip);
my $ctrlmac;
if (exists($vnconfig->{'config'}{CTRLMAC})) {
$ctrlmac = $vnconfig->{'config'}{CTRLMAC};
else {
$ctrlmac = ipToMac($ctrlip);
my $ctrlnetwork = inet_ntoa(inet_aton($ctrlip) & inet_aton($ctrlmask));
my $fmac = fixupMac($ctrlmac);
my $maskbits = 0;
......@@ -3385,10 +3391,15 @@ sub vnodeCreate($$$$)
my %cnetconfig = (
"IPAMConfig" => { "IPv4Address" => $ctrlip},
"MacAddress" => $fmac
"IPAMConfig" => { "IPv4Address" => $ctrlip}
$args{"NetworkingConfig"}{"EndpointsConfig"}{$DOCKERCNET} = \%cnetconfig;
# This NetworkMode goo is apparently necessary to set the MacAddress
# of the container's initial network. Go figure -- it's not
# documented this way -- but this is the way the CLI does it and it
# works. Needless to say, nothing else works!
$args{"HostConfig"}{"NetworkMode"} = $DOCKERCNET;
$args{"MacAddress"} = $fmac;
$args{"Hostname"} = "$vname.$longdomain";
# NB XXX: apparently --dns-search *does* work, but not --dns, when
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