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Commit 202d5b88 authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller


parent b9c80909
......@@ -219,6 +219,51 @@ Informational stuff should go to us.
Frisbee is sucking up 15% of the CPU. Needs to be profiled.
*** Add virtual name to node control for. - Nov 12 2001 - Needs to be fixed.
*** Add virtual name to node control for. - Nov 12 2001 -
Fixed by Leigh on Nov 28 2001.
Requested by Dave.
*** Add quotas on /users. - Nov 12 2001 - Needs to be done.
Need to build and install a kernel on ops with quotas configured in.
*** Have Linux kernel source available - Nov 12 2001 - Needs to be done.
Requested by Jay.
*** Use switch port for 10MBs - Nov 28 2001 - Needs to be done.
LBS - Nov 28th: I worked on this. Turns out the switches do not
like it when the nodes force their ports into 10MB full duplex,
and the switch disables the port.
*** Add "Must Change Password" state. - Dec 3rd 2001 - Needs to be done.
Suggested by Mac. When we change the password and email it, we
should require that user changes his password next time he logs
*** Mysterious TCP drop problem - Nov 21 2001 - Needs to be fixed.
From: Tian Bu <>
To: Mike Hibler <>
cc: <>
Subject: News on packet drop
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 14:52:04 -0500 (EST)
After spending sometime on investigating why the packet drop occur
between a pair of linux nodes, I found that this problem is not
related to the OS. Instead, the mysterious packet drop only occurs
between a pair of nodes where one end is PC850 and the other end
is PC600. The settting I first saw the drop was a link between
a PC850 and a PC600. I did report that the drop does not appear
between a pair of freeBSD nodes. That is misleading because it was
measured on a different setting where the pair of nodes I reserved happen
to be both PC850. :-). Today I start another experiment where there are
a pair of PC850 running Linux and observe no mysterious packet drop
between them. I guess there may be some incompatible features between
either the interfaces installed on these two different types of machines.
Requested by Dave.
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