Commit 1c47bf72 authored by Leigh Stoller's avatar Leigh Stoller

Minor fix to ensure that we use the correct vname for internally added

hosts (as for XEN phys hosts). This was never a problem, until we got a
cluster with super long node names.
parent 8c523a43
......@@ -7121,7 +7121,7 @@ sub InitializePhysNode($$$)
my ($self, $pnodename, $role, $vnodename) = @_;
my $pnode = $self->pnodes()->{$pnodename};
$self->printdb("InitPnode: $pnodename,$vnodename\n");
$self->printdb("InitPnode: $pnodename,$role,$vnodename\n");
# If this is a node in the topology (in the vnodes() array) then
# there must be a virtual physical node (which might be the same
......@@ -9522,8 +9522,11 @@ sub newvname($$$)
if (exists($self->current_v2v->{$vname}));
return $vname
if ($pnodename eq $self->current_v2p->{$vname});
if ($pnodename eq $self->current_v2p->{$vname}) {
return $vname
if ($pnodename ne $vname);
while (1) {
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